Semalt Expert Elaborates On Free Online Web Scraper Tools

Extracting or scraping content from different web pages is a common data collection task for online businesses and web developers. Though covering hundreds to thousands of application spheres, it may not be possible to select the best free web scraping software. You should, however, try to find the best and most accurate automation tool that will save both your time and money.

Here we have a list of most famous web scraping tools.


It is developed by Ipswitch Inc. and is an extension for different web browsers. iMacros can easily add record, replay functionalities and lets us capture web activities such as uploads, downloads, testing of images and texts. Moreover, it helps import and export the data or files to and from web apps using XML, PHP and CSV files. It then saves the useful data for us in its own database or another specified source. This program provides us real business data extraction facilities and helps in web testing tasks.

It is developed and launched by Corporation. is one of the best and most famous free web scraping programs on the internet. It is perfect for both individuals and businesses and lets the users turn the web pages into APIs with just a few clicks. Moreover, makes it easy for web developers and programmers to pull the data from the desired website. Its unique technology allows users to save data in specified formats without any problem.


Scrapebox is a useful and free SEO tool used by freelancers, developers and SEO companies all over the world. It helps scrape websites and blogs without any issue, and its key features are search engine harvesters, keyword harvesters, proxy harvesters, comment posters, and link checkers. Some of its prominent options are check page ranks, create RSS feeds, extract email, find the unregistered domain, and others. Scrapebox can act as your personal SEO and will automate your tasks right from the harvesting URLs. It will perform competitive research, build links, perform site audits and do a lot more things for you without any charges.


Scrapy is one of the best web scraping programs. This acts as a fast and high-level web crawling framework and is used to extract structured and non-structured data easily. It can also be used for processing information, mining the data, and creating historical archives. Scrappy is known for its built-in support and helps extract data from both HTML and XML sources. Moreover, its extensibility support lets us plug in our functionalities using specific signals and well-defined APIs.


This program is developed and marketed by Mozenda Inc. It is one of the best and widely used web scraping tools and makes it easy for us to capture content from multiple sites. It organizes the collected data and divides it into different categories based on our requirements and expectations. This tool's cloud-storage database keeps our files saved for both online and offline users. It is accurate and easy to use program that comes with low maintenance, promises data accuracy, lets us focus on the analytics, and provides convenient and reliable publishing options. The extracted files come in formats such as CSV, Txt, XLS, and others.

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